User guide to Moodle

Uploading Files

You course might require you to upload files for an assignment. If this is the case you will be able to navigate to the assignment and upload files for it inside your Moodle course.  Please note some devices (e.g. iPad/iPhone) have reduced functionality and might not be able to upload files. This is a problem with the device not Moodle.

  • Open your course as described earlier and click on the assignment you wish to submit files for. You should be presented with something similar to the following screen. Click ‘Upload a file’ to open the upload files screen (this screen may vary depending on the rules the instructor has put in place for the assignment).


  • Click ‘Choose a file’ (If that button isn’t there, click ‘Add’ instead), or Drag and drop the file you wish to upload into the indicated area.


  • Click ‘Upload a file’ on the left hand side and then ‘Choose file’ (The button may say ‘Browse’) to find the file on your local machine. It is not necessary to add anything to the ‘Save as’ area.


  • Click ‘Upload this file’ once you have selected the file you wish to add. Then, click ‘Save changes’ on the next screen.


  • The file will then be added to the Moodle assignment. If you are still within the assignments time constraints you can update the file by clicking ‘Update this file’ on the assignment page. Depending on how the course is configured you may be able to add multiple files. Some courses take submitted documents and allow them to be immediately graded, others you have to submit for marking, which you can do by clicking the ‘Send for marking’ button.
  • Clicking the file that you have uploaded will give you the option to download the file again, rename it, move it or delete it.

Once you have sent your files for marking you cannot change them! Please insure you are happy with them before submitting them for marking!