User guide to Moodle

Adding a discussion topic to a forum

With forums you can read, post and reply to discussion topics and replies. Some courses may have a forum, others will not, it depends on whether the Instructor wishes there to be one or not.

  • To start a new discussion topic, click on the forum you want to start a discussion topic in.
  • Click the ‘Add new discussion topic’ button located after the description of the forum but before any currently posted topics

Honk Honk Blarg Blarg


  • Add a subject and a description of the thing you wish to discuss. Try and include as much information as possible. Within the message area you can add pictures, tables and format the text to your liking.


  • For the subscription option, you can choose whether to receive emails of your post and any replies to your discussion topic.
  • Click ‘Post to forum’ when you are finished.