User guide to Moodle


This guide is designed to teach you some Moodle basics. Like most websites Moodle should work on all major web browsers. The appearance of Moodle will vary depending on how you are accessing it so your screen might not match the included screenshots. If this is the case please take the time to navigate around Moodle as everything should still be available.

This guide can be read online through Moodle itself (located on the home page of Moodle, down the right hand side), or downloaded as a PDF document.

If you have trouble with anything not covered in this guide you can either look online for help, use the Help forum to ask a question, or you can email us at:


Important note regarding copyright material:

We wish that we could use Moodle to distribute copyrighted texts electronically, but due to copyright laws we are prevented from doing so. Therefore, ECPR takes no responsibility for the content of material uploaded onto Moodle for the Methods School event and remains the sole responsibility of the up loader of this information.  No copyright material or literature will be photocopied or reproduced by ECPR or Host University.


Using Moodle Books

A book is a collection of pages organised in a linear format, much like a physical book.

  • Open the book by clicking on the relevant book item.


  • You can use the arrows to navigate one page either direction at a time or you can use the ‘Table of contents’ to navigate to the place you want to.
  • At the end of the book you can use one of the buttons to exit it.